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​Mothora is a Grand Strategy First-Person Shooter web3 game, where players can socialize and immerse themselves in a dystopian sci-fi future.
In Mothora, three DAOs compete for map dominance and make their economic and war decisions through a decentralized governance process where members are called to participate. This is akin to a Grand Strategy game, one in which all members of the DAO collectively decide the next move or strategy to win the game. The goal is to provide an intense and engaging experience with many players coordinating cross time zones and displaying their allegiance to their DAO.
On a tactical and micro level, the game is a First Person Shooter, with players having to organize themselves in guilds and squads to take battle positions, conquer outposts and defend objectives. As they engage in these actions and successfully win the encounters they earn $ESSENCE. This non-tradeable token is used as the social performance mechanism for the economic loops in the game, through which players can earn and craft soulbound (non-tradeable) NFTs.
Both $ESSENCE and these NFTs can be locked in the DAO the player belongs to. By doing so, the player obtains SREP - short for Social Reputation tokens. This is the measure of the governance power of the player and the sum of the collective SREP in the DAO forms the DAO total power. The goal of a game's season is for a DAO to have the highest collective SREP, requiring players to be successful both in the tactical First Person Shooter game mode and the Grand Strategy game to win.

What happened so far?

In August 2022 Mothora delivered a technical demo in Unreal Engine 5, depicting the integration of smart contracts onto the game’s engine and proving the feasibility of the desired web3 connections to the game. This demo has won two awards at Polygon Buildit Hackathon 2022, including 2nd best project in Polygon’s Gaming Track and a prize by Chainlink for the usage of verifiable randomness methods to determine rewards in the game. The demo can be checked through Devpost or by viewing the video below:

What's next?

We are designing the new smart contract architecture that will power up the game from scratch and simulate new ways to engineer the economy surrounding the game. These contracts are being developed in Solidity, with an expected translation to Cairo, and will be the backbone of a new game MVP in Unreal Engine 5, expected to be released to a restricted number of people for alpha testing during the first half of 2023.


In Mothora, players are expected to:
  • Think ahead and coordinate
  • Cooperate with battle companions and guild members
  • Understand well the intricacies of the combat mechanics
The game follows a model that incentivizes honing skills in battle and the employment of different world-level strategies to maximize the chances of succeeding and the potential for rewards. This has the additional benefit of boosting the social component of the game, the degree of interdependence of players and the sense of belonging to a real evolving community.
We've put together a helpful guide for you to get a grasp on a variety of Mothora aspects:
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