In Mothora, DAOs allow for groups of like-minded players to govern themselves. These organizations of people can make proposals that influence how the game is meant to be played by them, their strategies and how they are managed.
As players enjoy Mothora and perform actions that socially and interdependently lead to the victory of their DAO, they accumulate Social Reputation (SRep) tokens. This fungible, non-tradeable token is at the heart of selective incentivization in Mothora and has very important use cases:
  • It is the factor that determines rewards for players from the DAO Reactors.
  • It is used by players to select the DAO's council in each season.
  • SRep is used to vote on the best strategies proposed by the council and to bind the council to enact them.
  • It is also required to vote on game-wide proposals, such as game-wide content and high-level development ideas.
Governance voting will be a cross-platform feature of the game, meaning players will be allowed access to it both within the game window in a highly immersive way and also when outside of the game through their smartphone. Read more on it: