Eclipse Horizon

The Eclipse Horizon is a DAO formed by bounty hunters and adventurers of each of the factions. In the beginning, when it was a more informal group, members of each faction would secretly band together in expeditions to the far unknown of Mothora, looking for ancient Artifacts or $ESSENCE sources.
They are the masters of the dunes and the far beyond and are able to sustain sandstorms in a far better way than other DAOs through their long-practiced techniques. By venturing so far away, they have also mastered the art of crafting special dune vehicles that offer unique characteristics for the inospit environment of Mothora.
During their adventures, they discovered long-lost shrines of the old ones in Mothora, where they established sanctuaries for wanderers. They often clash with the ruthless Shadow Council and are the exact opposite of their methods, preferring more amicable ways to solve problems and reach what they desire.