Shadow Council

The Shadow Council was the first DAO to be formed after the Wartime Comercial Policy. Under the dune shadows and secret alleys of Dormgard, members of the three factions started to trade and meet in disguise, afraid to be identified by their leaders. Initially, most of their trade involved forbidden weapons and ancient relics used by the Disciples of Cataclysm. Eventually, after expansion of the DAO, they started production deadly weapons in mass.
The DAO is characterised by its ruthless approach to business, resorting to any means necessary to get things done. This can mean things such as extortion, bribery, assassinations, corruption, and hacking, just to name a few.
Their meetings are usually very secretive, following specific guidelines and formal procedures of governance. Although practitioners of the dark arts, they certainly haven't lost their taste for the major technological breakthroughs brought by the Conglomerate to Mothora.